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Project: Promoting Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) in Vietnam



PROJECT: “Promoting Gender Responsive Budgeting in Vietnam”

Organized by: CECEM & CEPEW

During the period from July 2017 to December 2018, although the economic, political and social background of Vietnam has many changes, the project “Promoting the role of youth and civil society in Gender Responsive Budgeting in Vietnam , technically and financially supported by OXFAM, has achieved certain results. Accordingly, CEPEW has worked closely with NGOs, state agencies, people in some provinces and youth groups interested in promoting equity and equality, transparency and accountability participate in corporate awareness processes and run for the responsible regulatory budget.

In 2018, with the support of CECEM and iSEE, the Pioneer group (working for rights of Vietnamese minor ethnic community)) conducted an independent assessment of the group on the midterm results of the National Goals for Sustainable Poverty Reduction 2016-2020, meeting and recording receive stories of more than 100 households benefiting from 12 projects under the poverty reduction program implemented in 12 provinces. 100% of members participating in the evaluation are completely voluntary and do not receive any financial support in the process of collecting information. The seminar on sharing the assessment report of the group called Listen Your Heart took place in Hanoi and resonated with many media reports such as VTV3, Nhan Dan newspaper, etc…. and public views amounted to more than 16,500 people.


Contributing to ensuring the principles of gender equity and equality in the budget process specified in the Law on State Budget 2015

  • Outcome 1: Improved understanding and capacity to practice in evaluating and monitoring development programs and State budget-funded programs with GRB tools of citizens and social organizations improved
  • Outcome 2: Citizens and social organizations actively participate in gender-responsive budgeting

Main Activities

  • Organized 10 coaches & 03 seminars on GRB
  • Documentation of the State Budget curriculum
  • Online media campaign on Gender Responsive Budgeting
  • Consulting activities, small grants

Contribution list

Oxfam in Vietnam

Mai Linh

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