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Advocacy is the activity of an individual or a group with the aim of influencing decisions in political, economic, and social institutions. On its journey, CEPEW believes that: Advocacy is an integral part of promoting substantive gender equality in Vietnam.

During more than 20 years of operation, we have participated in many projects and networks to build a strategy to advocate for gender equality in many aspects. We also know that: Our journey is not a single journey but has the support of many organizations and individuals who have been accompanying us during the past time with positive results and progressive changes in policy.



CEPEW, with our professional capacity, has advocated for information access, equality in marriage, the importance of gender-responsive budgeting,… and supports projects of the LGBTIQ+ community in Vietnam.

We choose to approach Advocacy towards disseminating knowledge to various audiences, listen and systematize their opinions & comments before submitting them to policy-making agencies through survey studies, training programs, simulation conferences, and social media campaigns. However, in any activities, we also maintain the concept of freedom, equality, open-mindedness, peace, and a non-marginalized approach to any group of subjects.

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